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Wild Swimming Locations in Canada

Johnson Lake

Small and relatively warm (for the mountains!). Sandy beach and picnic area, Local swimming hole. 2km return to the end of the lake.

Lake Windermere

Large warm lake. Very popular in the summer so swim early in July and August. 12.8 km long and 2-3km wide. Clean. Plenty of beaches and access sites at Invermere, Windmere and private access points.

Quarry Lake

Small and cold. Popular local swimming hole and training area for local triathletes. beach area and off-leash dog park close by.

Wasa Lake

Small and warm even in the early spring. Home of the Wasa triathlon. Sandy beach, camping, playgrounds and picnic areas.

Skaha & Okanagan

Home of the Skaha Ultra swim, Challenge Triathlon, Cross the Lake Swim. Called the Hawaii of Canada - hot and dry and beautiful.

Vermillion Lakes

Very shallow. Only the third lake is swimmable. Warm with a muddy bottom. Try swimming wih

Bow Lake

Beautiful blue water. Cold but not as bad as you would think. Parking can get busy in the summer.

Williamson Lake

Good early season choice. Small lake. Lots of red tannin in the water. Well protected so no wind. Beside campground.

Waterfowl Lakes

Beautiful colour. Roadside access and beside large campground. VERY cold! Can get busy in the summer.

Sylvan Lake

Warm. Beach access. Very popular beachfront in the summer. Watch for boats. 


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