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I read somewhere that swimming is all about technique.

Must be true. I sat and watched some great videos this morning on technique. Lots of slow camera work and breaking down the essentials into manageable chunks. Even some progressive drills to try. It was all things I had heard before: high elbows, forearm as a fulcrum, kick from the hips, driving rotation from the core. But there was something in the way that these videos slowed it down and explained and demonstrated that hit home.

So I tried what I learned at master's swim tonight and shaved 20 seconds off my 100m time without much extra effort (except maybe the mental effort of thinking about what I was doing all the time). Pretty significant stuff. It was a good wake-up call for me to swim with intention and not pay only lip service to technique with a few of the usual drills. Now I need to know how long I can hold that time. Over a 10km swim this difference translates to a good 20-30 minutes reduction in overall time. More importantly this means my husband will have less time in the kayak to bug me about how bored he is. Win-win I'd say.

I've posted links to the videos in the training section of my website

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