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Moving Meditation

Swim Gear - Canadian Winter Swimming

Finally a warm front is on its way. We are saved from the -28 degree weather. Unfortunately it will be another two or three months until the ice on the lakes is thawed enough to swim outside- maybe even four months for the mountain lakes in town. Until then it will have to be the pool. I am a little inspired by my European and Canadian coastal swim colleagues who have access to open, outdoor water all year. But I do also like my heated pool!


The question I most often get from non-swimmers is how do I keep from getting bored by going back and forth in the pool?


As a goal-oriented person I find having a plan and pre-established workout helps with motivation. But I rarely find swimming boring. I enjoy the peace and quiet. The water dampens the noise around me. I enjoy the monotony of the going back and forth. The yogis call it "moving meditation". It's a chance for me to clear my head and focus on the moment. No thinking about what happened that day, what is to come. Just movement. The longer the better.

Eventually the ice will melt, opening up a new world to explore.

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